Why do Cockatiels Throw Things on the Floor?

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Cockatiels have a knack for keeping their human companions intrigued with their behaviors. One such behavior that often raises questions is why these feathery friends enjoy tossing items onto the floor. In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing world of cockatiel behavior and explore the reasons behind their penchant for throwing things

Natural Instincts

Cockatiels are native to Australia, and in the wild, they exhibit a range of behaviors, including foraging for food. Throwing items can be an extension of their natural instincts. In the wild, they interact with objects in their environment, and in captivity, they continue to display this behavior.

To comprehend why cockatiels throw things on the floor, we need to look at their behavior from their perspective.

Understanding Cockatiel Behavior


For cockatiels, throwing objects can also be a way of communicating with their human companions. They may be trying to convey their needs or feelings, which can range from wanting attention to indicating displeasure.

Common Reasons for Throwing Things on the Floor


Cockatiels are inherently playful creatures. Tossing items onto the floor can be an enjoyable game for them. They may derive pleasure from the act of dropping objects and watching them fall.

Seeking Attention

Cockatiels are social birds, and they thrive on interaction. When they throw things on the floor and see their human’s reaction, they may perceive it as a way to gain attention.

Nesting Instinct

In some cases, throwing objects can be related to nesting behavior. If your cockatiel is trying to create a cozy corner by arranging objects on the floor, it’s likely their way of preparing a nesting site.

How to Deal with Cockatiels Throwing Things

If your cockatiel has a habit of tossing items on the floor, here are some ways to manage and address this behavior.

Provide Appropriate Toys

Offer your cockatiel a variety of toys to engage with. Toys that encourage mental and physical stimulation can redirect their energy away from throwing objects.

Spend Quality Time Together

Cockatiels crave attention. Spending quality time with them, talking, singing, and playing, can fulfill their social needs, reducing the urge to throw things for attention.

Train for Positive Behavior

Consistent training can help your cockatiel develop better behaviors. Reward them when they display good behavior and redirect them when they start throwing things.

Cockatiels are fascinating birds with unique behaviors, and their tendency to throw things on the floor can be attributed to their natural instincts, need for attention, and sometimes, nesting behavior. Understanding these reasons and taking appropriate steps can help you better enjoy your relationship with your feathered friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cockatiels prone to throwing things often?
Cockatiels may occasionally toss items onto the floor, but the frequency varies among individuals.

Should I be concerned about this behavior?
Not necessarily. It’s a part of their natural behavior. However, if it becomes excessive, it’s essential to understand the underlying cause.

How can I prevent my cockatiel from throwing valuable items?
Ensure they have plenty of toys and redirect their attention to those instead.

Is it safe to let my cockatiel play with toys that they can toss around?
Yes, as long as the toys are safe and appropriate for your bird’s size and needs.

Are there any toys specifically designed for cockatiels to prevent this behavior?
Yes, you can find toys designed to engage and stimulate cockatiels, which can help reduce their tendency to throw objects on the floor.

Understanding your cockatiel’s behavior and providing the right environment and attention can help ensure a harmonious relationship with your feathered friend.

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